Chinese tea anyone?

Went to Emma’s Seafood & Dim Sum Restaurant today for lunch with my mum and 2 of my sisters.  Me and my sisters quite like dim sum – but it was a first for mum and it wasn’t her cup of tea. Speaking of tea – I think they make quite a nice Chinese tea there.  Just make sure you drink it straight away cause if you leave it for a while it goes quite bitter.

They also make this delicious deep fried pork dumpling thingy (otherwise known as footballs) which I recommend to EVERYONE!  On a bad note – don’t expect more than 1 serving hahaha I don’t know if it was miscommunication or if they weren’t making any more and had none left or if we were really only allowed 1 serving – but I asked for a second serving and the waitress checked our docket said we had already had some … she went into the kitchen … and we didn’t see her again. LOL She certainly didn’t come back with anymore 😦 wah wah wah lol so we went to another restaurant for dessert and coffee hahaha.

SO! If you go to Emma’s and they go around with the footballs – I suggest getting at least 2 servings at that moment…cause you might not get anymore after that 😉


I borrowed this pic from the Urban spoon website – I know I should have taken my own but I didn’t think about it till after we left and I didn’t have my camera on me anyway. Have a look at the website for more details on Emma’s restaurant if you’re thinking of going.

Making Chinese Tea:

So basically you need a teapot, a tea strainer if you don’t want any floaties, Chinese tea and hot (not boiling) water.

Put tea leaves in the teapot and add hot water. Leave for a minute or so to infuse and then serve.

(I prefer Chinese tea in the proper Chinese teacups. Its probably all in my head – but I think it tastes better hahaha)

The Wiki link below shows a picture and step by step guide for making tea. It also has tips for serving Chinese tea as per their culture which I thought was quite interesting.

If you would like to purchase your own Chinese tea here are a few websites that sell it.  (I’m not affiliated/haven’t purchased anything from these websites before so as with anything online it’s purchase at your own risk)


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